Gina Cubales
“I define my career as an artist in three different perspectives: sculptural, scenic, and pictorial. These perspectives are fundamentally connected, and they have provided me with many tools and a broader view on my artistic work. The proposal of my work: Macro Micro Earth development from several concepts: The terrestrial landscape and its view from space are the axis. In this sense, my work has taken as reference the pictorial tradition of the landscape and the scientific and technological revolution of the XX- XXI centuries. Art has already given us several points of view: Materiality, the finite, the infinite, the return to nature. “ Earth is ancient now, but all knowledge is stored up in her. She keeps a record of everything that has happened since time began. Of time before time, she says little, and in a language that no one has yet understood. Through time, her secret code has gradually seen broken. Her mud and lava are a message from the past.
Of time to come, she says much, but who listens? ”
Jeanette Winterson – Weight (2005)”

Matthew Williamson
Matthew Williamson is an award-winning, British interior designer known predominantly for his unique and unrivalled use of pattern and colour. Having begun his illustrious career in fashion under his namesake brand for over 20 years, Matthew has drawn on his decades of experience and pivotted seamlessly into the world of interior design. He now develops several homeware collections to sit alongside his growing residential and commercial interior design portfolio. Matthew now lives in Deia, Mallorca with his partner and daughter. here he has a studio at home where he spends as much time as he can creating Balearic inspired mixed media artworks.

Sunna Wathen
Sunna is half Icelandic and half British and was born in Greece in 1964. She grew up travelling, but with Deia always in between and came here when she was two. Sunna has a Master of Art degree from the Royal College of Art, London and has exhibited in London, Paris, Berlin, Mallorca, sometimes sitting on a swing in her ‘Hung House’ , setting out to sea with her ‘Xray Sail’, or baking her Bread Mountains. Sunna is currently working on a new series in her studio in the Old Town of Palma. Carrer de la Pelleteria 5.

Lynn Hakes
I was born in Scotland and grew up in Edinburgh, where my art path took its first steps in the form of a creative soul, who`s most valuable possessions were her coloured pencils and sketch books. Thanks to a life of foreign travel, I have been exposed to a vibrancy of cultures, in particular the creative flavours of the Middle East and West Africa. The visual element of these travels, as well as the experience of the life and people there, have added layers to my art and my painting process. A few years ago I relocated to the magical island of Mallorca As soon as my feet touched down on the island, I knew that this iridescent place would be the thing to carry me and my art on its next journey. My paintings have evolved remarkably in only a short time of living here. I very quickly became fascinated by painting the ancient olive trees that grow here, then began to focus on still life work, particularly including glass and vintage vases that l collect. I am particularly fascinated by light and depicting this in my art and glass is a perfect way for me to study light. I get a lot of pleasure seeing this brilliance that is the sun, apparently far from us, and yet at the same time right beside us in the way it interacts with glass. It’s as if heaven and earth are brought mesmerisingly together. Since moving to Deià my paintings have become darker and lighter simultaneously, perhaps reflecting how this particularly beautiful village set amidst the magical Tramuntana mountains brings joy as well as challenges to me.

I’m Pablo C. Cistaro, Pol-Art.
My works are a combination of digital techniques with drawings, photographs and graffiti. I studied Design and Visual Communication in Argentina.
All my life I was in constant contact with art, through the pictures painted by my mother, Norma Cistaro.
With my experience, and with the passion I feel for art, I try to create my own style of art.
Inspiration comes mainly from feelings. Also from old photographs, music, magazine covers, cartoons, brands… trying to create parodies and combine unimaginable things.

Julien Hagen’s expressive artistic work takes the form of assemblages, digital art and paintings. His starting point is often found materials, which he processes differently depending on the medium. These materials, known in the art context as objets trouvés – in his case, for example, parts of tools and technical equipment, scrap metal and wire, nails, chunks of concrete, knife blades, but also feathers and textiles, cymbals and bells – he assembles into idiosyncratic sculptural compositions that remain in space as assemblages or are further developed as digital artworks.


Susan Robinson was born in the UK and first visited Deia in the late sixties. She came later to make her home there. She has always written poetry but didn’t start to paint until she lived in Deia.